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“It was a pleasure attending the PMP exam course that you taught in Roseville CA last week. I passed the PMP on my first try on Friday morning. You kept the class lively, interesting and fun. Without your advice and council, and without your course to crystallize all the material, I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved the results that I have by attending a SpringBOK course.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice of SpringBOK to prepare for the PMP exam. I will be referring everyone I know who is looking to take this exam to SpringBOK. Again, thanks for all your help and guidance.”

by --J. Paul Rockwell

“I was concerned that the course would just present gimmicks or tricks to tackle the exam itself, but I found the course organized and presented the content in a manner that was substantative and valuable.”

by --Steve Wong, PMP

“I passed! I just got back from the exam and am so relieved! The exam was tricky but I feel like you prepared us well.

Thanks so much for your help.”

by -- Patricia Schultz, PMP

“Thanks for leading a very effective prep course for the PMP exam. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have done as well as I did on the exam if I hadn’t taken this course. Your thorough understanding of the material was evident in how you fielded questions from the group. Good job.”

by -- Eric Barnes, PMP

“Thanks for the class… I can honestly say I don’t think I would have passed without it.”

by -- Dax Pearson, PMP

“Just wanted to let you know I was successful in passing the PMP. Thank you again for your assistance in achieving this. I complement you again on your knowledge of project management and your teaching style is extremely effective for the material. Your class was one of best I have ever attended and it is mainly attributed to the instructor.”

by -- James Downs, PMP

“I have taken 3-4 other courses in the past and have been planning on taking this exam for the past 5 years. However, none of the other classes even came close to your class & the way you built up our confidence. I really felt good about it this time & did not cancel my test like I had done after taking other classes in the past.

…and I PASSED ! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!

All because of your skills and this great class. I was so stressed all of last week but it was all worth it , and I had a great weekend , and am finally a PMP !!!!!

I will definitely recommend your class to all the project managers at my company, and everyone I know from my previous companies who have not taken the test yet.”

by -- Ash Khoshatefeh, PMP

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP exam!! The class was great, thank you for some super instruction and lots of fun too! Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks again!

by -- Adrienne Ondrusek, PMP

“I took the test on Monday morning at 8:30 AM. I had studied all weekend, and felt very confident, until the moment I sat down. When I clicked on the tutorial, BAM, my mind went BLANK!!!

It seemed like forever, (only seconds), and then all of a sudden, the mind kicked in and in the 10 minutes they gave for the tutorial, I had jotted down both pages of your mind map.

I began the test, and wouldn’t you know it, within the first 5 questions, here come PV & EV questions, right behind that, Benefit to Cost Ratio. Needless to say, I answered them in a breeze, thanks to the lesson you provided.

I utilized your tracking system, and at the end of the first 100 questions felt good. I proceeded into the next 100, and still felt pretty confident. After going through all of my marked questions, I had 5 minutes left, and only one math problem to solve. I felt like I was in a James Bond movie with seconds remaining to solve the problem (Which I did, and I believe I did correctly.)

Well my signature line below tells the whole story. Thanks for all you did, you made it all come together for me, and in a way that was very easy for me to understand.

Again, Thank You Very, Very Much!!!”

by -- Bradley J. Cloonan, PMP

“Thanks again for all of your help last week. The week was a lot of work, but you made it a positive experience and prepared us well for the exam.”

by -- Tom Speer, PMP

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed. The test prep was beneficial, I do not think I would have passed without some of the hints provided and the understanding of PMI’s world view compared to my employer’s. Thanks!”

by -- Sharon McCall, PMP

“I PASSED!!!! Woohoo… I am so excited I am dancing around work for the rest of the day 😉 Thank you so much for all your help. It was a long test… had to stretch a few times… doubted myself many… but got through it all!!!! Now… off to bigger and better things… “

by -- Terri Samuelson, PMP

Thanks again for a great course and all of the tips (like getting a good night sleep, give your brain a rest before the exam, etc.)

The formula mind-map was very beneficial. As my brain was turning into mush on the second half of the test, it was nice to be able to just pick the correct formula from my crib sheet & plug in the numbers, rather than have to recall formulas at that point in time (resulting in less chance for error).

The Planning mind-map came in handy because we had done it so many times that I didn’t need to refer to it when answering the questions as I was confident in the process flow knowledge. It feels good to have this completed…. Have a great weekend and thanks again.

by -- Rebecca Just, PMP

“Well, it’s with pleasure to say I passed my exam today. I lost sight of some the the guidelines (don’t do calculation/time consuming questions first, etc.) and found myself pressing some. So, once I realized that I went back to the guidelines and skipped them in the first pass…AND I PASSED. Thanks Joe!”

by -- Dave Maxwell

“Passed the exam! It was more difficult than I expected. However, the mind map and formulas for calculating EV were extremely helpful. What a relief! I was told by one of the facilitators that someone in the testing room was taking it for the 5th time.

Without taking your course, I am certain that I wouldn’t have passed. Thank you for a great week of learning and dining in the best restaurants in Burlingame. I have already recommended this course to a co-worker. Thanks again.”

by -- Judy Mah, PMP

“Obtaining PMP certification had been one of my personal goal for nearly three years. I had taken classes offered by my company, reading the different books published on the topic of how to pass the certification class. Regardless of which method I tried, I still wasn’t confident that I knew the material well enough to pass the certification exam. I always felt that I was missing something to tie the information together. Then I found SpringBOK….

I do not believe I would have passed without the guidance that SpringBOK Training provided. I would highly recommend SpringBOK training to anyone serious about passing the PMP exam the first time.”

by -- Lee Miller, PMP

“A short note to let you know that I passed the PMP test this morning with flying colors. Thanks for the great job you did during the course, and thanks for your contribution to the success of passing the exam. It must be very rewarding to have a job where you can see immediately the results of your efforts. Thanks again, and have a great holiday season.”

by -- Edgar Suris, PMP

“I want to thank you again for a wonderful learning and culinary experience this week. I will be recommending your course to my entire department.”

by -- Rob Frankenberg, Ph.D, PMP

“Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the PMP exam yesterday!

Thanks again for an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile week in preparation for the exam. The training was excellent, and of course the lunches were absolutely the best. It was great to meet you, along with all of the other classmates.

Thanks for everything,”

by -- John Bibby, PMP

“Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the exam. Yes! It took me a solid 3 hrs and 20 minutes and was a little harder than anticipated. Thanks for all the tips in class as they all served me well. The worst part of the exam is the time between submission and waiting for the result.”

by -- Henry Robberson, PMP

“As I clicked the end of exam button, I thought that I would have to retake it again, however after a long 60 second wait. I PASSED!! I averaged an 82.2%.

Thanks again for the PM crash course. It definitely is a great step towards taking and passing the exam. I will definitely recommend your course to several of my colleagues.”

by -- Rommel Sison, PMP

“Thank you for the wonderful class…and the excellent lunches… It made the test much easier after preparing for what PMI is looking for.”

by -- Sean Katz, PMP

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam this morning! Thank you SO much for all of your help and guidance. Your class really helped me comprehend the logical sequence and relationships between the knowledge areas. It not only helped me “cram” for the exam but really helped me understand the materials and the PMI perspective, and prepared me to readily incorporate this knowledge in the work place.

I will most definitely refer Springbok to anyone looking to prepare for the exam. In comparing notes with peers that have attended different prep classes, the Springbok approach seems to be much more effective.

Best Regards and Thanks Again!”

by -- Alisa Neira, PMP

“Thanks for helping me pass this! The class was fun!”

by -- René Rosendahl, PMP

“Thank you for the week of intense study. It was definitely the winning solution to pass the exam. Again thanks for all the help. We really enjoyed the class and how you helped us focus on the right material.

All of the information you presented allowed me to focus 20 plus years of project management experience into the proper constructs and perspective necessary to attain the PMP certification. Again thanks for the support.”

by -- Bryan Gillgrass, PMP

“Just returned from testing and you can put another notch in your belt – I passed! After sitting for the exam, I am positive that I could never have passed without attending your course. I was amazed at how prepared I was for the exam. The class was a super investment for me.

The test itself was a beast, exactly as predicted. Thanks again for all your help.”

Several weeks later…

“Just wanted to drop you a quick update. I actually ended up being able to choose between four excellent job opportunities, each working in a senior project management role, all because I held PMP certification. I couldn’t have made it here without you. Your class was one of the best career investments I have ever made.

Thanks again for the excellent course. ”

by -- Scott Critchfield, PMP

I passed!! Thank you for your expert guidance and heartfelt support. You and Springbok are the best!!

by -- Dee Call, PMP

“The SpringBOK accelerated course is the way to go! It was much more effective than a 10 week class, studying part-time…”

by -- Warren Luu, PMP