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Pass PMP® exam in 5 days. GUARANTEED.




It's simple - pass the PMP® exam or this course is free.

Attend our 4-day class, which will prepare you to take the PMP® exam with confidence on the 5th day.

If you have met our course requirements -- which are to attend the full four days of class and participate in all class activities -- and you do not pass the PMP®  exam, we will gladly REFUND YOUR ENTIRE COURSE FEES or allow you to attend the next available class again for free! 

It's that simple. No strings attached. We are completely confident you will pass the exam after taking our course or we would not provide this 100% money-back guarantee.

How does the Guarantee work?


Our Guarantee is designed to be simple and straight-forward. You can be confident in your exam readiness with SpringBOK because we assume nearly all the risk. Here's how it works:
bulletYou enroll in the SpringBOK PMP Exam Prep Course  & schedule the PMP exam.
bulletParticipate in our accelerated PMP exam preparation program Monday through Thursday. Take the exam on Friday.

Note: If you don't take the exam on Friday, you must take the PMP® test within 14 days after completing our training program. (We strongly recommend you take the exam on Friday, the day after completing the SpringBOK course.)


If you fail the exam in your first attempt, we will:

bulletPay your re-exam fee ($275)
bulletAnalyze your exam results
bulletCreate a personalized coaching program to help you improve your weak areas and guide you through the process of rescheduling your exam (coaching provided through e-mails, phone calls, and online material).
bulletIt is your responsibility to schedule the 2nd test within 21 days from the first test date.

If you fail the second exam attempt, you have two options:

  1. Receive a full refund of the SpringBOK course fee (minus the $275 retest fee already received)
  2. Attend our training class again at no additional charge (subject to availability)
    If you choose to attend another training class,  only the original $275 retest fee will be refunded.

For example, if you paid $1,950 for the course and did not pass the exam after two attempts we would:

bulletRefund $275 after the first exam for the retest fee
bulletRefund the remaining $1,675 after the 2nd attempt ($1,950-$275=$1,675), unless you would prefer to retake the course instead.

We are constantly refining our course, applying the suggestions of the hundreds of project managers from companies large and small who have taken our course and are now PMPs. With over 95% of our students passing the exam on their first attempt, we are confident that we have the winning solution to the PMP exam. Compare us and see. SpringBOK -- A different animal.

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